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Janis Siklis introduction of Baltic Sales Agency

Janis Siklis introduction-BSA Baltic Sales Challenge 2016

The Baltic Sales Agency professionally represents tech manufacturers and service providers that have a solid plan to establish new businesses in Europe or rapidly increase sales revenue in their current markets.

By providing outstanding customer service, the Baltic Sales Agency ensures closing the sale for our customers. The Baltic Sales Agency delivers remarkable sales results based on our industry experience, relationships and unique sales strategies. That is why we can also significantly influence the market share for your company in Europe.

The founder of the Baltic Sales Agency, Janis Siklis, has extensive knowledge of marketing and sales processes due to more than 26 years of experience as a representative of manufacturers in a wide range of industries. Valuable contracts for European and US companies in the Baltic region and collaborations with many globally active suppliers of technical products and systems for the energy, agriculture, environment, IT, and construction industries have been secured under his lead.

Since 1992 companies, like ABB (Sweden), General Electric Network Solutions (USA), Schneider Electric (France), Vinci Construction (France), Reime Jarlsø (Norway), Nortroll (Sweden), Clean Earth Technology (USA), Aerofin(USA) Hidora (Lithuania), LEDI(Finland),Viexpo(Finland), Farmtools(Finland), Clewer Europe(Finland), New Eco Tec GMBH(Germany) and Dohia (China) have relied on our expertise for responsiveness, reliability, on-time performance and the ability to deliver outstanding sales results.

The Baltic Sales Agency has hands-on experience in the high-tech industry. Valuable orders in excess of 27 Million EUR have been secured for Baltic Sales Agency customers (for more information, click on the "References" heading).

The Baltic Sales Agency was established in 1997 and since then we have worked with tech companies from 12 different countries.

Our main target is closing sales for companies that place a high priority on satisfying customers through high-quality technical products, engineering support, timely service and delivery.

The Baltic Sales Agency occupies a unique and powerful niche in Europe. It has at its command a wealth of experience in facilitating projects for both the customers and principals it represents. Under the guidance of Janis Siklis, the company is committed to building strong relationships with its clients, thereby gaining a deep understanding of their needs. This understanding means that the agency gives valuable advice and develops unique sales strategies for its clients and finally closes the sale, thus ensuring the projects are guided from inception to successful completion with our full care and attention.

The Baltic Sales Agency team consists of sales professionals with a solid sales track record in the energy, environment, agriculture, IT and construction industries, who can undertake and execute assignments covering the whole of Europe.

As an outsourced sales agency, the Baltic Sales Agency offers complete coverage of Europe for companies based either within or outside of Europe who want to test, initiate or expand sales.