Another BSA Success in Latvia with Chementors

On April 27, 2016, BSA organized the technical seminar "Meet The Buyer" for the Finnish company Chementors Oy, a provider of consulting services (REACH and SDS) for chemical industry companies in Europe.

Before the event, BSA created a company profile and a description of Chementors Oy services in Latvian and introduced the company to top-level decision makers in Latvia. The total number of target companies that received BSA and Chementors joint seminar invitations was more than 160.

BSA emphasized the advantages and benefits of Chementors Oy services, and a very high number of seminar attendees was ensured as a result of the BSA marketing team's dedicated and professional work.

More than 20 of Latvia's leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies participated in the technical seminar, including some of the largest companies in the sector: Grindex, Spodriba, Attirance, Rigas laku un krasu rupnica and others.

By using BSA services the Finnish company Chementors Oy gained the following advantages, helping them shorten the time from their decision to enter a new export market until promising leads were found:
1) Saving time and the cost of inside staff in compiling a target customer database in a new target country with decision makers' direct contact details (done by BSA).
2) Cold calling and initial marketing of Chementors services to key decision makers so that the dedicated project manager / department manager was invited to participate in the Chementors Oy seminar.
3) Seminar participants were personally invited by BSA management; in such a way, BSA ensured the participation of more company representatives.
4) Perfect English-Latvian seminar translation was ensured by BSA, which was crucial given the complicated seminar topic and specific chemical industry terminology; as a result, seminar participants understood the key messages of the Chementors Oy service presentation perfectly.
5) By using BSA as a professional sales outsourcing company, it was possible for Chementors Oy to initiate sales closing work with leads already preselected and pre-sold by BSA.
6) There are several levels of decision makers involved in the Chementors Oy service sales process and based on 26 years of sales closing experience, Janis Siklis, CEO of Baltic Sales Agency, understands how to navigate the process with the efficiency Chementors Oy deserves.

BSA will organize "Meet The Buyer" events for Chementors Oy that will cover all three Baltic States: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

BSA will briefly introduce the "Meet The Buyer" events on LinkedIn Pulse; the events will initially cover Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland. This BSA complete solution means that BSA does the initial preparation work that connects tech manufacturers and service providers with preselected and motivated buyers. BSA will also ensure that the marketing and sales process is completed with closed deals between buyer and seller. This BSA "Total Market Penetration Solution" is a unique offer only from Baltic Sales Agency.

If you are the CEO of a tech manufacturing company or tech-related service provider I look forward to hearing from you and to providing a tailor-made "Meet The Buyer" solution for your company.