BSA Baltic Sales Challenge 2016 starts TODAY

BSA Baltic Sales Challenge 2016 starts TODAY

Invitation to CEO's
BSA Baltic Sales Challenge 2016

Dear CEO,

The Baltic Sales Agency (BSA) is pleased to report the success of its ongoing Baltic market penetration efforts, having already completed its 1st and 2nd established Baltic export network projects with participation by eight Finnish companies for the last 1,5 years. BSA projects are funded partly by the Finnish government and partly by participating tech manufacturing companies. Project website:

Based on the great feedback on BSA's work from Finnish companies and government institutions, I am sending you more detailed information about BSA's one time offer to join the BSA Baltic Sales Challenge 2016 project.

By joining in as one of only 4 companies/participants in this project, you will receive the following benefits:

  1. BSA will serve as your outsourced sales team for fast penetration of Baltic states' tech markets
  2. BSA's Baltic marketing and sales team will fully focus on generation of sales revenue for your company simultaneously in the three Baltic states
  3. BSA's dedicated marketing and sales team will identify opportunities that are not otherwise available to your company's internal sales force due to several important factors
  4. The BSA advantage is that we have a local team covering all three Baltic states
  5. By outsourcing your marketing and sales work to BSA, you partner with a company that has delivered above 26 Million EUR in sales of technical products in the Baltic states
  6. BSA will apply our proven marketing and sales process that can outsell any competition your company might have
  7. Your company will enjoy significant cost savings by using our inside sales force for penetration of new markets
  8. BSA owner Janis Siklis provides a personal project success (sales) guarantee if you are chosen to be a prequalified project member

Participation in this project is limited to 4 participants (technical niche products' manufacturers) from across the globe, and BSA will use its 18 years of marketing and sales experience to generate tangible sales revenue quickly for your company as a member of this closed group.

Finnish, German, Austrian and U.S. tech companies have been using BSA's outsourced sales services already since 1997, and our highly professional work had helped our customers significantly shorten the time from the decision to "go to the export market" until the first deal is secured.

Among BSA customers, you can find such globally known companies as General Electric, VINCI Group, Reime Jarlso, New Eco Tec, Heinola, Finnish Steel Painting and many others.

Video references from our customers can be found by visiting the "References" section of the BSA website at

Participation in this "BSA Baltic challenge 2016" project would provide you this one time opportunity to work with top marketing and sales professionals of the Baltic Sales Agency, one of the leading sales outsourcing services providers in Europe.

The "BSA Baltic Sales Challenge 2016" international project launch will begin on January 18th, 2016, and interested Tech companies are invited to submit their applications and expression of interest through February 15, 2016. All applications will be evaluated and the acceptance process will be completed by February 28, 2016. Contracts with participants will be signed on March 7, 2016.

The new "BSA Baltic Sales Challenge 2016" project starts on January 18, but if you are motivated and do not want to miss your chance to become a BSA partner and customer, please let us know as soon as possible.

Why we are focusing on the Baltic market? Business is really booming in this region; there are many hard working people (including our BSA team), and there are many motivated entrepreneurs that are looking for world class, high quality technical products, solutions and competitive production lines in order to compete on a global scale. The economical guarantee for the market potential is the total EU funding for all three Baltic states, which in upcoming 6 years will be 14,92 BnEUR. By applying BSA's in-depth local market knowledge, long technical marketing and sales experience and proven top marketing and sales process know-how and an outstanding team, participation in this project would ensure that your company gets fastest possible sales revenue and a significant market share of the Baltic market.

By hiring your own export sales manager to operate in the Baltic states, you no longer face the difficulties based on the fact that there are four different languages spoken, and many decision makers involved. BSA will take complete care of prospecting, marketing and sales process details.

BSA knows exactly how to do the preparation for any prospect meeting and, most importantly, how to close sales for our customers.

Participation cost in BSA Baltic Sales Challenge 2016 starts from 2000 EUR/ country per month for BSA work in one country.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize the most important offer of this unique opportunity that no other company would provide.

If your company is prequalified and signs a 1 year cooperation contract with the Baltic Sales Agency, I will provide my personal written guarantee that BSA will secure sales contracts in Baltic states for your company; otherwise, BSA will refund your investment.

A contract proposal also will be sent to you for further review in case of interest shortly.

I, along with the whole BSA team, am looking forward to working very hard to promote your interests very soon.