BSA offers market domination now in 5 countries

BSA offers market domination now in 5 countries

Dear Partner,

I would like to thank you for being one of my LinkedIn potential and loyal partner. I shortly wanted to introduce new BSA Services offering that might be of interest also for YOU as a decision maker. Shortly saying BSA Services now extends its market coverage and includes also Belarus and Kaliningrad in the target markets group and now I do offer to develop your tech sales in Latvia,Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and Kaliningrad. I am sure these are great news for all BSA partners that have done business with me and my team before and new partners/manufacturers/service providers are also welcome to join in:

BSA Services scope of work:

  • Act as key sales coordinator in 5 countries-Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Kaliningrad on behalf of BSA Services partner(your company)
  • Implement the most motivated local partner search in each country(best 2 local partners in each country will be identified). It means that BSA services will work with 10 most motivated sales partners in 5 countries. From BSA experience two partners are needed in each target country to keep the motivation high and local competition. This solution brings for manufacturer more sales in target country if there are two dealers that work in cooperation and country's territory is divided so that still each local dealer is responsible for his allocated area and his customers in his area. This approach is based on Janis Siklis 26 years succesful experience in tech sales.
  • BSA services will provide sales training for 10 partner companies from 5 Baltic sea countries twice a year in Latvia where all sales engineers will participate. It is very important that all companies sales reps are present and also manufacturer(your company )provides technical product training for all resellers sales teams. This is a unique approach of BSA services to motivate all dealers(company owners and sales engineers/managers will participate) teams to me more efficient and BSA Services will enable dealers to sell more. Special entertainment and team building event related to cars(drift) will be organized by BSA Services in Latvia.
  • Monthly project reports summary will be delivered to manufacturer to enable to better plan manufacturing process and required resources. Complete sales process steering in 5 countries will be taken over by BSA Services thus enabling manufacturer's(your company)CEO and Sales director's time resources to be focused on other markets. BSA Services needs only one contact person in manufacturer's company( Not necessarily CEO) who can provide fast response in case of urgent issues brought up by local dealers or BSA Services as coordinating and steering process outsourced partner for your company.
  • Janis Siklis solution provides to your company the following benefits and results:
  • One and the best professional partner responsible for your company's business development in 5 countries/markets.
  • Significant time and different costs savings when working with BSA Services
  • The one and only coordinated solution how to outsell your competition in 5 countries in fastest possible and the most professional proven way.
  • Market domination in 5 neighbouring countries if proceeding with BSA Services plan and its execution
  • Significantly increased turnover and market share
  • Happy and motivated shareholders, employees and resellers
  • More valuable company shares due to rapid and continious revenue growth.
  • Faster retirement possibility.

If interested that BSA Services work also for your company's business development according to the above plan, please call Janis Siklis directly +37129207407

In conclusion, I would just like to say that BSA prospecting, marketing, selling and contracts closing approach has been proven, tested and finetuned during 26 years since I am in tech sales. I have personally secured multi million EUR deals for ABB, General Electric, Reime Jarlso and other my cutomers with total value that now exceeds 27 million EUR.

This unique and very valuable experience I offer to you now to dramatically increase sales in your company in 5(five!) countries.

Let's achieve much more together this year and let's become a long term business partners.

This is just a first step and it is your decision.

Thank you and look forward to your personal call at: +37129207407 today.

p.s. BSA Baltic Sales Challenge 2016 video introduction HERE:

Thank you.