Fast sales closing service in 2016 only by BSA

Fast sales closing service in 2016 only by BSA

With this post I wanted to grab all CEO's attention and inform that Baltic Sales Agency can become YOUR trusted partner in reaching of YOUR company's sales goals in 2016. Based on my experience of 26 years since I am in tech sales, I should say that very rarely CEO has understanding of sales outsourcing concept.

Yes, that is true. All manufacturers and technical services providers want to keep all the sales process in company only. I have proven to BSA customers( more than 40 companies, including General Electric Power Systems) that we achieve sales results much faster as the #1 Sales outsoucing services provider in Europe in comparison with internally managed sales teams.

Mostly companies have limited capacity of Sales director's time and Resources in order to penetrate export markets fast. Also required sales experience in International markets and ability to close sales +local business environment knowledge is a key issue why Sales managers fail to close sales.

The fact is also that Sales manager will never tell to CEO that I can not close sales(because of my own weaknesses or not sufficient skills) but usually the failures are justified with other local issues that have been holding back and other reasons have been brought up why sales were not closed.

In my sales career I have met only few Sales executives (from my customers side) that after working together I would like them to join my team as Sales executives. Therefore I know personally that ability to close sales is a major issue in all tech companies. Especially in tech startups but in established companies also.

Therefore The GOOD NEWS are that for this year BSA team will support YOUR international markets penetration efforts and here below is an insight in our services offering for you as CEO:

Baltic Sales Agency – Services 2016

Business partner search

If you are looking for business partners in Europe, or if you wish to start or expand your business using agents, distributors, importers, exporters or suppliers, the Baltic Sales Agency can help you find reliable business partners in Europe.

The Baltic Sales Agency key account database will simplify the process of searching for a business partner. We offer to pre-sell company products and services to our clients so that the prospective partner is interested in YOUR products and solutions by knowing about the key benefits of working with your company.

Management Consulting

The Baltic Sales Agency offers sales and management consulting for the successful development of your business.

Baltic Sales Agency CEO Janis Siklis will evaluate your current portfolio of technology, products or equipment that you offer or intend to offer, prepare and train your company's sales team to work with different(winning) sales strategies and tactics, and propose a proven(unique) successful sales process.

Janis Siklis offers individualized advice and consulting for business owners and management. Based on his unique 26 years of sales experience, he can ensure the fastest possible sales revenue and successful business development strategy in global export markets for your company by using different marketing and sales strategies.

The Baltic Sales Agency can offer your company implementation of the sales process in international markets, including sales outsourcing and advice on matters of interest to your company's owners and managers.

Market research

We offer to deliver detailed market research for technical product or service sales in the fields of High-Tech, IT, energy, environment, agriculture and construction in Europe. Baltic Sales Agency ensures that our customers receive all the information they need to make informed decisions based on our market research, which is specifically tailored to the needs of our clients.

If you would like to know the price level and a detailed description of any competing products in the chosen market, the Baltic Sales Agency is here to help you.

Sales plan

The sales process, to be effective, must be planned and organized in detail from start to finish. The Baltic Sales Agency has developed a proven sales process that can be duplicated over and over again, also providing a sales plan that includes new and existing business acquisition strategies and tactics.

Based on the Baltic Sales Agency sales plan, our partners can acquire new customers and new market share. As an outsourced sales service provider, we deliver results for our clients' companies for mutual success.

Contact database

The Baltic Sales Agency provides customized databases, including the direct contact details of key decision makers. Placing a strong emphasis on the High-Tech, IT, energy, environment, agriculture and construction industries, these databases are an invaluable asset for promoting your technical products and services in Europe.

Our agency creates key business account lists for mailing, telemarketing and e-mailing. A contact database prepared by the Baltic Sales Agency will help you get excellent results in marketing by providing high-precision, custom-made marketing lists.

Customer visits

The Baltic Sales Agency can compile a database of the ten most important potential customers for your particular product or service in any of the European countries, and deliver a powerful sales message on behalf of your company to the key decision makers whose company might be a potential buyer. The Baltic Sales Agency acts as a qualified and authorized sales agent for any pre-qualified client. The sales message and the product presentations being introduced in a tailor-made way that can deliver tangible results based on our previous successful experiences. This service can significantly save the time and costs of our clients' business travel associated expenses to and within the European countries.

Technical seminars and presentations

Baltic Sales Agency organizes technical seminars and presentations to your target customers in Baltic region. We ensure that only decision makers(your target group) participate when our customers(manufacturers) introduce their products or technical services. Baltic Sales Agency does the home work properly so that all potential partners in the region are fully aware of what you want to offer to them. No other company provides such high success rate as Baltic Sales Agency. With BSA you achieve the highest return on your marketing investment.

Sales outsourcing

Baltic Sales Agency acts as an outsourced sales team, either augmenting the existing in-house sales function or acting as the dedicated outsourced sales team. We create long-term partnerships that add value through a combination of high quality day-to-day support, expert project delivery and well considered strategic advice.

In short, our combination of people, process and technology ensures that we deliver a fast, exceptionally reliable and unusually accountable sales service to our clients. Above all, we focus on what matters to our clients: delivering sales results

Sales closing

Baltic Sales Agency offers unique service-closing sales. If your technical product or service has competitive advantage, great sales support and motivated internal team, Baltic Sales Agency can implement the whole marketing and sales process for your company in Baltic market. More information about this option(BSA Baltic Sales Challenge 2016):
and video references from our satisfied customers you can find here:

Cooperation model

Depending on the specific needs of your company and the available financing tools, an individual and unique cooperation model that is acceptable for both cooperation partners is created by the Baltic Sales Agency. The following basic principles apply for all the contracts.

The cooperation contract is signed for a defined period of time, clearly stating the scope of the obligations undertaken by the Baltic Sales Agency.

A new sales plan is prepared by the Baltic Sales Agency for the marketing of your products or services.

The implementation of the sale may be outsourced to the Baltic Sales Agency.

Baltic Sales Agency partners may freely choose the services that are required out of the overall portfolio of our services.

The fee for Baltic Sales Agency services is mutually agreed and starts from 2000 EUR/ per month per 1 country. Minimum contract duration time is 6 months.

Baltic Sales Agency service fees are agreed in advance before the signing of cooperation agreement taking into account the overall objectives to be reached in a target country.

For the duration of a signed contract, all the information exchanged by both parties is confidential.

If you are interested in this Baltic Sales Agency offer and you want to quickly and efficiently improve your company's sales results in target markets, please write to: or call +371 29207407.

I look forward to hear from motivated CEO's who realize that only using new approach and external sales partner it is possible to really boost sales in YOUR company for 2016. Baltic Sales Agency is ready to do just that.