Good news from BSA for tech investors

Good news from BSA for tech investors – the HESE grader system

Dear Investor,

Taking into account that the success of any business depends to a large extent on its product or service (preferably in its own niche), I wanted to share some important news about a great tech product that is advantageous for any region or country and can be used the whole year through by a tractor rental company, a road maintenance service provider or simply a farmer who owns a regular agricultural tractor and is looking for new ways to use it. The product is a 100-170 hp tractor grader system for maintenance and profiling of gravel roads.

BSA has recently signed a general reseller contract with the Finnish manufacturer of the HESE tractor grader system, and the purpose of this post is to offer tech investors (business angels and VC's) a great technical niche product that, for many years, has already proven its utility for snow removal in the harsh winter climate of Scandinavia. The HESE tractor grader system is manufactured in Finland and has many technical advantages and a very competitive price in comparison with non-flexible, traditional graders, which are at least 5 times more expensive. The great news is that BSA has organized a demonstration of the HESE system in Latvia for industry professionals and municipality representatives and BSA has already received excellent feedback from potential buyers and cooperation partners. With the contract it has signed with Maviteknik Tiekoneet Oy, BSA has undertaken the task of speeding up the introduction of the HESE grader system in 5 countries and supporting the manufacturer in closing sales outside of Finland.

Video reference from Esa Kohtamaki, CEO, Maviteknik Tiekoneet Oy, about the business development work of Janis Siklis and the BSA team.

BSA marketing and sales work will now focus on the following countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and Russia. If you are a tech investor and are looking for an excellent and established product to sell and profit from, I have more great news especially for you:

  1. BSA and HESE's manufacturer will provide a demo on how to connect and use the HESE grader system.
  2. BSA will provide HESE grader system marketing, sales and contract closing training for your sales engineer/sales team.
  3. BSA will support your company with business development strategy consulting and implementation in your target area/country.
  4. BSA will organize an annual HESE resellers meeting in Latvia to support YOUR business and help you boost sales.
  5. Last but not least, getting started requires low initial investment and BSA will support your business development constantly in the long term.

Below you will find links to videos showing the HESE grader system in operation:

HESE photo and video demonstrations organized by Baltic Sales Agency in Latvia in 2015: (PHOTO and VIDEO) (PHOTO and VIDEO, related to the HESE demonstration at the bottom of the page)

Please call me directly at +37129207407 for more information on HESE business opportunities in your country or region.